TMDHosting Review

Are you a relatively new webmaster with very little exposure to coding?

Are you an experienced webmaster with no time to dwell on the technical stuff to host one more new website?

In either case, you are in search of a website hosting provider that offers tremendous support for hosting a website or blog.

That is because you require a host that is able to quickly respond to your queries and that can offer you reliable solutions.

You may already have begun your search for such a web host and that is why you have reached this article.

There are so many popular and highly experienced hosting providers, such as Hostgator, Bluehost, Dreamhost and Siteground.

Yet, there are many relatively new hosting providers that are slowly making a name for themselves. One such example is TMDHosting.

In order to compete with the big names, hosting providers like TMDHosting offer lots of value to their customers through excellent customer support.

They basically want to make their customers feel that they are always available for their queries, doubts or issues.

But, where does TMDHosting stand with regard to hosting features, hosting plans and pricing, control panel interface, and so on?

In this article, we provide you with a detailed review of TMDHosting and share all their pros and cons.

The objective is to enable you to understand whether this hosting provider is the ideal one for your website requirements.

Company Background

TMDHosting has been around for almost nine years, having been initially established by Peter Darazhanski in 2007.

From the start, the common goal of everyone in this company has been to ensure the smooth and fast running of your website in a secure and innovative environment.

In their bid to achieve this goal, they have always focused immensely on customer service. And, they have been excelling at it!

This commitment to resolving customer complaints, queries and issues is furthermore indicated by TMDHosting being a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business. They have a rating of A+, which is the highest possible rating on a scale of A+ to F.

TMDHosting is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and their data centres in the United States are located in Arizona, Chicago and Texas. They have also expanded their data centre operations to Amsterdam, Netherlands, and to Singapore.

In order to survive the stiff competition in the web hosting industry, TMDHosting has come a long way.

It is constantly on the lookout for innovations, which is evident in the various features offered by them in their different hosting plans.

Let us now focus on the hosting features offered by TMDHosting.

Hosting Features

Uptime and Performance

As mentioned above, TMDHosting has multiple data centres in the United States, Europe (Netherlands) and Asia (Singapore). Their data centre partner is Singlehop, which has helped to increase the reliability of the TMDHosting servers.

Even on the BBB website, no complaints have been registered by customers regarding server downtime issues.

You will also find it difficult to find such issues being posted on any other website hosting forums. This is because the uptime percentage of the TMDHosting servers is extremely high and meets the requirements for small- to medium-scale businesses.

The performance of your website also receives a massive boost with hosting it on these servers. The fact that all the hosting services are based on solid-state drives (SSDs) ensures that the page load time has increased by 200% from what it was earlier.

And, as a website owner, you would want your visitors to enjoy quick navigation across the different pages of your site. This is exactly what the higher page load time with TMDHosting is able to achieve.

Moreover, their performance gets a unique edge because of the vast variety of caching systems used.

For example, OptimumCache was one of the recent additions to their list of caching systems. OptimumCache collects all the common files on a particular server and then caches them in the RAM as well as on a dedicated SSD.

This helps to improve the performance of your website by balancing the load or traffic on it.


Customer Support

One of the most attractive features of this web host is its lightning-quick customer response time and corresponding services.

The support staff of TMDHosting is known for replying to a customer’s query within 15 minutes of it being raised. This response time is achieved by their support ticket system which is available around the clock.

They also have skilled professionals who work in different shifts to be available to help you at any time of the day.

So, they basically provide you with all the necessary guidance and get the issues resolved, without needing you to intervene a lot.

With such quality customer service, they are justified in calling their support “Genius Support”.

You may contact the TMDHosting customer sales support team via telephone, at 1-888-771-5990, or via the live chat feature, which is available on the TMDHosting website.

Additionally, you can get useful tips to handle the control panel of your website hosting plan and experiment with some of the features offered.

To access these tips, you can go through the knowledge base or video tutorials of TMDHosting.

Green Hosting

TMDHosting has strategically based its data centres in some of the most green-orientated (environmentally friendly) areas.

All their data centres operate efficiently through decreased bypass airflow, the optimized management of cold airflow, more efficient airflow direction to server cabinets, and more.

For virtual private server (VPS) hosting, they also use green VPSs. And, for dedicated hosting, they use dual-core Intel Atom servers.

Control Panel

The company uses the industry standard control panel, namely cPanel. By doing so, experienced webmasters are offered a control panel with which they may already be familiar.

Moreover, cPanel offers an extremely user-friendly interface which makes it easy to navigate across your hosting account dashboard to get your website hosted in no time. This is even true for new webmasters.

From this panel, you can manage the SSD hosting, Secure Shell (SSH) access, Softaculous Auto Installer, emails, PHP version changer, and all other standard hosting-based tools or functionalities.

It also offers some unique tools, such as a Permissions fix tool (to fix incorrect file permissions), a password reset tool (for a CMS, like WordPress), and Magento and Dolphin Optimize (for database optimization).


In this age of the internet revolution, when most businesses are going online, you may feel the need to start selling and earning online. With a TMDHosting account, you can get your shopping cart ready in a few minutes.

You will have support for various popular eCommerce tools, such as OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento and CS-Cart.

For eCommerce portals, you also get discounted private Secure Sockets Layers (SSLs), along with shared SSL certificates.

Other Features

This hosting company uses CloudLinux, along with cPanel.

This helps to increase the security as CageFS (a virtualised per-user file system) comes along with CloudLinux.

This feature also ensures that users cannot look at each other’s accounts or any confidential information. This is because; CageFS encapsulates each and every hosting account for enhanced security. Moreover, it offers an additional security layer by avoiding any information disclosure attacks.

Another proof of TMDHosting giving top priority to customer satisfaction is its money-back guarantee feature. With this feature, you can try any of the TMDHosting plans for 60 days.

If you do not want to continue using it, you will get your money back if you discontinue within this period.

If you are trying to host a new website for the first time by using TMDHosting services, it also offers you instant activation, free installation from their experts, detailed steps to follow, and around the clock premium support.

Alternatively, it even extends support for your existing website and allows you to transfer the hosting to their platform.

This can be done through various service offerings, such as free transfer of databases and website files, no downtime for transfer, compensation for the months not used and around the clock premium support.

You can also avail of the additional paid features, such as sitemap generation, domain privacy (ID protection), Google webmaster account and site verification and Google analytics integration.

TMDHosting Plans and Pricing

TMDHosting offers a variety of hosting plans which are described below.

Shared Hosting

The following are common features offered for both shared hosting plans:

  • Free domain forever
  • Unlimited bandwidth and space
  • In-house web firewall
  • Free website transfer
  • CloudLinux servers
  • Facebook flash cache
  • Unlimited MySQL databases, FTP accounts, email accounts, POP3 and IMAP access and so on
  • Continuous spam protection along with live monitoring for emails
  • Free daily backups and restoration
  • FFMPEG audio and video, SSH access, HD Codecs and so on

The comparison of the two different shared hosting plans by TMDHosting is indicated below.

  Pricing Number of Sites Hosted Add-On Domains
Amazing $8.85 per month (monthly subscription) or $3.85 per month (annual subscription or bi-annual subscription) or $2.85 per month (three-year subscription) 1 0
Unlimited $9.85 per month (monthly subscription) or $6.85 per month (annual subscription) or $5.85 per month (bi-annual subscription) Unlimited Unlimited


VPS Hosting

The different VPS hosting plans offered by TMDHosting is indicated below.



  Space Traffic Dedicated CPU Number of CPU Cores Dedicated RAM Burst RAM Pricing
VPS 1 40 GB 2 000 GB 1.8 GHz 2 1 GB 128 MB $39.95 per month (monthly subscription) or $38.95 per month (three-month subscription) or $37.95 per month (six-month subscription) or $35.95 per month (annual subscription)
VPS 2 60 GB 3 000 GB 2.4 GHz 2 1.5 GB 256 MB $59.95 per month (monthly subscription) or $57.95 per month (three-month subscription) or $56.95 per month (six-month subscription) or $53.95 per month (annual subscription)
VPS 3 80 GB 4 000 GB 2.4 GHz 4 2 GB 256 MB $79.95 per month (monthly subscription) or $77.95 per month (three-month subscription) or $75.95 per month (six-month subscription) or $71.95 per month (annual subscription)
VPS 4 120 GB 4 500 GB 2.6 GHz 8 2 GB 512 MB $109.95 per month (monthly subscription) or $106.95 per month (three-month subscription) or $103.95 per month (six-month subscription) or $98.95 per month (annual subscription)
VPS 5 150 GB 7 000 GB 3.0 GHz 8 4 GB 1 024 MB $129.95 per month (plus $19.95 for setup) (monthly subscription) or $125.95 per month (three-month subscription) or $122.95 per month (six-month subscription) or $116.95 per month (annual subscription)


Dedicated Server Hosting

TMDHosting has innumerable options for dedicated servers with a huge capacity for memory, CPU cores and speed, and bandwidth depending on which location (United States or Europe) you choose.

The various dedicated servers for the Asia-Pacific region will be started in the near future. Some standard dedicated server hosting packages are indicated below.

  Storage RAM Bandwidth Pricing
E3-1230 V3 Server 500 GB 8 GB 10 TB $229 per month (plus $39 for setup)
E3-1270 V3 Server 1 TB 8 GB 10 TB $269 per month (plus $39 for setup)
E5-2620 V2 Server 2×1 TB 24 GB 10 TB $319 per month (plus $39 for setup)
E5-2620 V2 Server 2×1 TB 24 GB 10 TB $389 per month (plus $39 for setup)


Cloud Hosting

A comparison of the three different cloud hosting plans is indicated below.

  Disk Storage Traffic RAM Pricing
Summer Cloud 45 GB 1 500 GB 768 MB $49.95 per month (plus $19.95 for setup)
Rain Cloud 65 GB 2 500 GB 1 536 MB $69.95 per month (plus $19.95 for setup)
Storm Cloud 85 GB 3 500 GB 2 048 MB $89.95 per month (plus $19.95 for setup)


Reseller Hosting

TMDHosting not only offers plans for your own websites, but even for reselling and turns this into a business. Some typical TMDHosting reseller hosting plans (with unlimited domains) is indicated below.

  Storage Bandwidth Pricing
Standard Package 65 GB 700 GB $19.95 per month (annual subscription)
Enterprise Package 130 GB 1 400 GB $34.95 per month (annual subscription)
Professional Package 200 GB 2 000 GB $49.95 per month (annual subscription)


Advantages of TMDHosting

  • The terrific support and ultra-quick response time of 15 minutes for any support ticket is much better than you could expect to get from any hosting provider.
  • The 60-day money back guarantee period is more than enough time for you to determine whether TMDHosting is the ideal site hosting provider for you.
  • This web host enables you to easily scale up or scale down your VPS and dedicated servers.
  • It does not charge any cancellation fees and offers support for multiple PHP versions.
  • TMDHosting offers the specialist SocialEngine hosting (social networking platform) option. This uses Facebook flash cache and Memcache, which results in highly improved performance.
  • While opting for any TMDHosting plan for your website, you can select the data centre that is closest to your location; whether that is the United States, Europe or Asia data centre. This could help you achieve better performance for your website.

Disadvantages of TMDHosting

  • It may not be suitable for extremely large businesses or enterprises.
  • This web hosting provider does not have live chat support and telephone support for technical problems.
  • It only offers limited eCommerce features. So, if you are planning to open a large-scale online store, you may find it difficult to use this web host.

The Verdict

For the requirements of most small- to medium-scale businesses, blogs or even small-scale online stores, this web host has a lot to offer.

You will also be satisfied with the excellent premium support service that TMDHosting provides with all its hosting accounts.

We hope that the above TMDHosting review helps you determine the ideal web host for your site’s hosting requirements.

Have you used TMDHosting before? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!