What is .life Domain Name Extension

.life was initially sought as a Top Level Domain (TLD) by way of “Donuts,” a division of Trixy Oats, LLC. As with several other new ideas for TLDs, submitting the application for .life to become a domain extension came in May of 2014.

While some domains were created for the sake of particular fields or interest groups, .life is an all-encompassing domain.

Similarly to how the real world is filled with countless forms of life, .life is home to websites dedicated to all manner of topics.

Why choose a .life domain extension?

From what I can interpret, the reason why someone might want a .life domain is because “life” is a word that can mean many things to many different groups; its a word that offers an open-ended and unconfined room for creativity in marketing and branding.

I also think there could be a good deal of wisdom in taking a .life domain when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO); there are countless websites that use the decades-old extensions like .com, .net and .org, but far fewer sites exist with an attachment to a TLD like .life. It’s a chance to stand out in the SERPs.

As there are plenty of things a creative person can do if given the chance to name and acquire a .life domain, my ensuing list below has been created with the goal of stoking a person’s creativity.

Note that because domains are constantly being bought up, there is no guarantee that a particular list entry has not already become a reality.

  • “itsmy.life” could be a website devoted to people sharing their success stories for taking control of their lives in the face of overwhelming pressure from friends, family or society as a whole.

    Alternately, this domain could belong to a fan site of No Doubt, Talk Talk or Bon Jovi due to each of them having produced or covered a song with that title.
  • “thisismy.life” I think this could be a blogging site designed like “LiveJournal” for the 21st Century.
  • “somethinglikeit.life.” is a domain that takes its name from the phrase “life, or something like it.” The premise behind such a domain?

    Possibly a focus on examples of media that trudge along the depths of the uncanny valley. Such a site might be useful for highlighting examples of when the pursuit of making something appear human can go too far or not far enough for its own good.
  • Another idea would be to purchase a .life domain that focuses on the life and achievements of a recently deceased person and uses that person’s name as the precursor to the .life element. Alternately, you could apply the same approach to unidentifiable people, resulting in “johndoe.life” and “janedoe.life.”
  • “wild.life” could be a side dedicated to fauna found in the wild. Such a site could offer features like allowing users to submit pictures of randomly encountered animals for identification, information regarding notable creatures in the area of a planned hike, camping trip or other wilderness outing and so on.
  • “shelf.life” could be useful for survivalists and irregular cooks. This could be accomplished by providing users with a searchable database of foodstuffs and liquids, displaying how long a particular perishable can keep under different conditions. Such a site might even offers suggestions of particularly stable recipes or, if a particular food is commonly found in rations, provide links to vendors of those rations.
  • “sea.life.” could be used by oceanographers for real-time gathering and sharing of research information. Alternately, it could be intended for the general public an serve as another source of information on marine life. Yet another possibility for this sort of domain is that it could educate people with a keen interest in living off the seas, possibly even focusing on the retiree demographic.
  • “half.life.” this site could serve as a repository on all things radioative. It could cover the sad fate of the “radium girls,” young women who unknowingly exposed themselves to radiation on a daily basis in the pursuit of applying a glow-in-the-dark finish to accessories.

    It could also explain what a half-life is and then profile all radioactive elements on the Periodic Table. Alternatively, this domain might be used as a fan site for the “Half-Life” video games or even just serve as a character index of characters like Marvel Comics’ “The Incredible Hulk,” DC Comics’ Blight, Firestar and Red Star; Atomic Robo and Godzilla; fictional individuals whose powers and abilities can be traced back to one form radiation or another.
  • “chooseagainstpro.life” as this domain’s name is taken from the two main camps regarding abortion, such a site would serve as a venue for discussions that place the mother as the ultimate arbiter over whether or not to carry a fetus to term. Beyond a focus on the merits of the pro-choice side, the site might also offer advice for dealing with pro-life advocates and include questions to ask of them and answers to the most commonly asked questions they ask of pro-choice advocates.
  • “geta.life” would exist as a means for people to learn ways to end a rut in their lives, find an interesting hobby to spice things up or even encounter new people that might lead to friendship or things beyond that level of connection. Notably, this site might even offer advice on dating, overcoming social anxiety and even direct traffic toward various dating sites that cater to their various interests.
  • “awelllived.life” gets its name from the phrase “a life well-lived” and would serve as a dedicated resource for how many times a particular character died, then returned from the dead. Understandably, this site would mostly focus on comics and manga.
  • “adogs.life” I think this would make a great site for dog owners. It could offer advice for day to day care of all different types of breed. Health issues, breed characteristics, the lifecycle of different dogs.

Where can I buy a .life domain name?

.life has been freely available to the general web-surfing public since Donuts had its TLD application confirmed in September of 2014.

Most domain name registrars will have .life domain names available to buy.

Here are a few that you might want to check out..

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