What Is A .Car Domain Name Extension? 🚗

If you’re into automobiles and want to create a website or start a blog where you sell, repair, review, write about, or do pretty much anything with cars, you might be considering .car as the top level domain (TLD) name for your site. There are a few questions that you might have before you take steps in that direction. We’ve anticipated and answered several of them.

What is a .car domain?

A .car domain is a domain name that uses .car as its domain extension or TLD. It is what is known as a sponsored, generic domain name.

It was sponsored by Charleston Road Registry (CRR) and became an ICANN certified domain extension in September of 2015. Its purpose, according to information taken from CRR’s sponsorship application, “is to provide a dedicated domain space in which registrants can enact second-level domains that offer content related to cars, including the sale, purchase, rental, financing, servicing, repair, insurance and⁄or management of cars, as well as automobile industry-related information, such as new product development and trends (e.g. alternative fuel sources).”

Why choose a .car domain extension?

The world is replete with .coms and .nets, and it is pretty easy to get lost among the long list of searchable automotive sites available. Making your domain stand out has become a new strategy for gaining an edge on the competition.

A .car domain extension is one of the many ways to attract attention to the automotive-focused subjects or products you will discuss, promote or sell on your website. You should be pretty serious about what you are doing because you’re not going to get a .car domain extension cheap.

Are there any restrictions on buying a .car domain name?

In the registration process of a sponsored domain, the sponsoring agent is allowed to enact certain restrictions when it comes to buying a .car domain name. In the case of the .car domain extension CRR elected to keep it open and not impose restrictions for its use as a second-level domain registration. Therefore, .car is open to the general public and all ICANN-accredited registrars who desire to use it.

Where can you buy a .car domain name?

There are plenty of domain registrars where the .car domain name can be purchased and registered. However, be prepared to pay a pretty substantial price to get your hands on a good one. The price for a .car domain name tends to be in excess of $2500. Here are a few locations where you can compare offers and registration services before making your purchase:

101 Domain

These sites make it simple to search for unused .car domain names or domain names that might be for sale. They provide the necessary registration for you and make it easy to get set up with your new .car domain name.


Those who are automotive enthusiasts or whose main line of business is in some way related to automobiles and the industry itself might benefit from the .car domain name extension. There is no restriction for registering and owning this extension name and it is easy to get your hands on. Be aware that you won’t be getting a domain with this extension cheap, but if it helps set you apart from the rest of the world, it might just be worth paying the price.

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