How To Install WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular website building & blogging platforms in the world. Millions of websites have been built using WordPress, ranging from e-commerce stores, government websites and online news outlets to corporate websites, personal profiles and more. WordPress is popular for a variety of reasons. Website builders prefer it because it provides … Read more

A Guide On How To Use Gravatar For Your Blog Or Website – 2018

For many people, Gravatars belong to a distant era of the internet when only a fortunate few were just beginning to explore what the digital realm had to offer. But Gravatars have remained surprisingly resilient as they continue to play an important role in online communication. Indeed, Gravatars are used more than eight billion times … Read more

39 Of The Weirdest Websites On The Internet 2018

If you’re looking for pointless, weird and irrelevant websites, then be prepared to have your mind blown with this unruly bunch. I’m here to bring you to the world’s most useless websites. The internet really is a wonderful place. It caters for all our curiosities, interests and hunger for knowledge. There are social media and … Read more

How To Make Money with a Blog

make money blogging

Monetize Your Blogging Efforts With This Highly Actionable GuideSo you finally want to join the blogging community. Well by reading this article you’ll have taken the biggest step to starting a blog that can create an income for you and your family. I have been blogging as my main source of income for the past … Read more

How to Delete a WordPress Blog

Sometimes the content you have shared with the world becomes irrelevant, outdated, or no longer fits your personal interests as a writer. Getting rid of this content, especially when hosted by another entity, can be tough to do. Your best bet is to gather some good SEO intel so you can push that information and … Read more

The Best Website Monitoring Services 2018

The Best Website Monitoring Services

In the offline world, all types of security monitoring services are used by companies who wish to make sure that their facilities remain secure, their secrets are left untouched, and that nothing stops the business from operating at peak efficiency. In the online world, website monitoring services provide similar peace of mind. To guard against … Read more

7 Hootsuite Alternatives That You Should Explore in 2018

The world has awakened to the power of social media, which explains the comprehensive use of social media by individuals and businesses alike in our day-to-day lives. Whether it is from the comfort of our homes or offices or even on the go, most of us access social networking sites. And, this increased use of … Read more

The Mega CSS3 Cheat Sheet Infographic

css3 cheat sheet header image

Last month we released a huge HTML5 Cheat Sheet that lists all of the currently supported HTML 5 tags, their descriptions, their attributes and their support in HTML 4. You may also enjoy our jQuery Cheat sheet too. In the comments of that post we received requests for a similar CSS 3 cheat sheet that … Read more

How to Write an Effective Blog Posts That Get You Traffic

Blogs are a hugely important part of the online atmosphere. While they might have originally started as simple personal journals, they’ve become something more. They’re a great way to establish a personal brand and to make a business seem more relevant to consumers. Blogs are still, however, difficult for many to write. When presented with … Read more

Where to find Free Node.js Hosting

As an application programmer, it is difficult not to love JavaScript, right? The reason for this is due its simplicity. Even if you are not a professional app developer, you can still understand JavaScript code. And, the Node.js open-source platform (for JavaScript) just makes it even simpler to build great applications on the web. If … Read more

5 Best FTP Clients

In this post we will show you our Top 5 best FTP client software for bloggers. The products we have listed have been tested by myself over the years, and I truly do recommend them. A file transfer protocol (FTP) client is a must for anyone who works on websites or runs a server. An … Read more

A Guide To The Best Favicon Generators

Are you tired of your website getting lost in the competition? Sure, you have done plenty to give yourself an edge. You’ve started a blog, your SEO is top notch, your content well written and informative. You have undoubtedly thought of a memorable site name and played with a graphics program to create an aesthetically … Read more