WordPress is used by millions of websites some estimates have it at over 30% of the world wide web. From small personal blogs all the way to enterprise pubishers – it’s the first choice of the people and businesses all around the world. Due to the impressive versatility of WordPress it competes with website builders like Wix & Weebly, eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Content Management Systems like Joomla & Drupal… because in many ways it can do it all.


However, just like any piece of software, it has a bit of a learning curve. Once you have started a WordPress website then you might want to dig in to this section – below are a number of WordPress tutorials and product reviews I have written over the years.


How to set up yoast

16 Sep How To Set Up Yoast SEO

Whenever you think about SEO Yoast is one of the first names to come to mind. Sure, there are other plugins to choose from, but none match the usefulness of this plugin. Plus, Yoast is very intuitive, so it doesn’t need to be intimidating for...

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speed up wordpress

02 Mar How to Speed up WordPress

Having a website that’s fast is no longer an option. Putting Google aside for a moment let’s focus on your visitors. We all know that people’s attention spans are at historical lows. So low in fact, that when researching some actual statistics, one of the...

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07 Jul How To Install WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular website building & blogging platforms in the world. Millions of websites have been built using WordPress, ranging from e-commerce stores, government websites and online news outlets to corporate websites, personal profiles and more. WordPress is popular for a variety...

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02 Nov 5 Best FTP Clients

In this post we will show you our Top 5 best FTP client software for bloggers. The products we have listed have been tested by myself over the years, and I truly do recommend them. A file transfer protocol (FTP) client is a must for anyone...

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