What Is A .Zone Domain Name Extension

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and amidst the traditional .coms and .orgs, a whole host of new domain extension have emerged in recent years. One of these, is the .zone domain extension. As a seasoned blogger and web developer with over a decade of experience, I’ve been intrigued by the advent and use of the .zone domain, along with others, and how these new extension have been accepted in the market.

I’ve tracked the rise of various domain extensions, and .zone is one that has caught my attention. Join me as we explore the .zone domain, its purpose, its roots, and the value it brings to the online landscape.

Origins Of The .zone Extension

This unique extension was first delegated back in 2014 as part of ICANN’s new generic top-level domain program. In just a few short years, the domain has been adopted by companies big as small as a way to stand out against a see of boring old legacy extensions.

That being said, .zone remains one of the least utilized domain extensions that I have explored. From recent data in 2023, the .zone domain is used by less than 0.008% of all websites, and the trend is on the decline. Sites using the .zone domain tend to have average levels of traffic, but this is by no means a gloomy picture. There are areas in which this domain extension does very well.

Why Choose a .zone Domain Extension?

The word “zone” is fun, quirky, and relevant. It’s also incredibly versatile. The extension can be used a number of different ways to spice up a web address or establish a certain brand identity. The term can be interpreted in many ways, providing ample creative freedom for your domain name.

No matter what industry you work in, the .zone domain extension can benefit your business by standing out. It’s very easy to remember and can be used to show off what your website is all about from the get-go. Do you have a website that’s built to provide information about a singular topic? The .zone extension shows that when it’s tacked onto your site name.

Are you an influencer or ambassador who provides motivational tips to help your audience live their best life? Then this unique extension can be used as well. Whatever the case may be, the .zone domain is a flexible alternative to traditional .com and .org extensions.

As .zone is a newer and less common domain extension, there’s a higher likelihood that the domain name you want is available. This is a significant advantage if you have a specific name in mind. A .zone domain can also contribute to a strong, unique brand identity.

Ideas for .zone Domain Use

There are many different ways that you can use this domain extension. If your site deals with a single topic, the possibilities are endless. For example, say that your site shows visitors how to live a healthy vegan life. A web address like Vegan.Zone tells people what your site is all about and suggests that you offer information about a number of different vegan topics.

It can be used across many different niches to create a site with a sense of community or exclusivity (e.g., members.zone, fitness.zone). You might also use a .zone extension to promote your site as a comprehensive resource for a specific topic (e.g., gardening.zone, tech.zone).

The extension is also great for creating a sense of fun and excitement. Entertainment venues can use the domain as part of their brand. A trampoline park can create a company site called Trampoline.Zone. Or, a roller rink can name their site Skate.Zone.

The .zone domain is also used for domain hacking. Domain hacking involves utilizing the top-level domain and second-level domain to come up with a cool web address. Examples for this domain include Cal.Zone, O.Zone, or InThe.Zone.

Where Can You Buy a .zone Domain Extension?

As a generic new top-level domain, the .zone extension is offered by most domain registrars. Here are a few that you should check out.

Namecheap.com – .zone Domain Name Price:
$5.98 for the first year, $29.98 per year after that

Domain.com – .zone Domain Name Price:
$6.99 for 1 year
$35.98 for 2 years
$64.97 for 3 years
$93.96 for 4 years
$122.95 for 5 years
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Hover.com – .zone Domain Name Price:
$36.99 per year

Are There Any Restrictions on Owning a .zone Domain Extension?

The .zone domain is a generic top-level domain (gTLD), which means it is open to anyone to register, without specific requirements or restrictions. It can be used by businesses, communities, and individuals who want a distinctive and memorable domain name.

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