What Is A .email Domain Name Extension

The .email domain name is a relatively new extension. Over the past 5 years, new top-level domain name extensions have flooded the market to give people more choice when it comes to domain names for personal or business uses.

Why choose a .email domain?

.email is an ideal domain name extension for email marketers, families, individuals, customer support companies, online email providers and websites related to email marketing news and reviews.

Any restrictions on .email domain names?

There are no restrictions on .email domain names. Anyone can buy one.

Where can you buy a .email domain name?

Most domain name registrars will have .email domain names available to buy.

Here are a few that you might want to check out..

Namecheap.com – .email domain name price:
$3.88 per year.
Renews at $16.88 per year

Domain.com – .email domain name price:
$3.99 per year.

Hover.com – .email domain name price:
$19.99 per year.
Renews at $19.99

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